Jan 1, 1972

In Search Of Meaning, Ireland 1972

In Search Of Meaning, Ireland 1972

There has been a growth in popularity of religious groups like The Children of God and Divine Light Mission (DLM) who are meeting the needs of some young people looking to find meaning in their lives.

Dundalk born Tom McGuinness who goes by the biblical name of Zibiah claims to have found new meaning to his life as a member of the religious group ‘The Children of God’. Tom, along with other members of the group, are spreading the word of ‘The Children of God’ at St Stephen’s Green in Dublin.

The Children of God is 
"A religious sect which originated in California in 1968 and which has since spread throughout Europe."

The sect appeals mainly to young people who find themselves at odds with society. Each member is a missionary who believes that their work is to spread the word of God and to inform people that God loves them. Their message is The Bible, Jesus and joy largely through song and dance.

Another religious group seeking new devotees is the Divine Light Mission (DLM) which operates from the Dandelion Market in Dublin. Dubliner Joseph Burn was among the first to join the Divine Light Mission. The group was founded in 1960 by Guru Hans Ji Maharaj in northern India. Their message of inner peace is achieved through meditation.

(Guru Maharaj) has come onto this world to show man how to experience his true identity.

One member of the DLM first heard about it while living in London and knew she had found what she had been looking for. Another member says that Guru Maharaj has shown him how to experience his soul.

At a house in Santry, the Mahatma who is second in line to the Guru, teaches lessons in Satsang meditation and preaches the message of DLM. Dublin housewife Mrs O’Reilly is one of the many converts who has been convinced by his message.

I have complete peace of mind. I have an absolute understanding of my own religion. As a Catholic, I can go to mass now and understand what the gospels are about, and for the first time I can fully realise the presence of God.

Mrs O’Reilly says that DLM is not a religion but rather something to help you to understand your own religion.

Both The Children of God and Divine Light Mission forbid both alcohol and tobacco use amongst their followers.

No need for such drugs, they say, if you receive Jesus into your heart.

This episode of ‘Tangents’ was broadcast on 17 October 1972.