May 31, 1997

Patrick L. Ryan: Achievement Award (1997)

May 30 and May 31, 1997 – Philadelphia

The American Family Foundation (publisher of The Cult Observer) recently recognized, with its 1997 Achievement Award, AFF volunteer Patrick Ryan, who has devoted hundreds of hours designing and updating AFF's prize-winning Internet Web site.

This attractive and user-friendly Web site has enabled tens of thousands of people, including important representatives of the media, to become aware of AFF's extensive resources. The site positions AFF to take advantage of the major role the Internet will play in the accumulation and distribution of information in the years to come.

Mr. Ryan's creative ideas about how to use modern technology to better manage information have been and will continue to be of immense value to AFF and the people it serves. AFF deeply appreciates the special skills, creativity, energy, and dedication that Mr. Ryan - who is the first graduate of the Maharishi International University to receive the AFF achievement award - has brought to this and other vital AFF projects.