May 1, 1999

Natural Law Party Political Broadcast

Natural Law Party Political Broadcast
May 31, 1999

The Natural Law Party (NLP) is a transnational political party that was founded in 1992 by American citizens who were dissatisfied with current politics. The party is based on the principles of Transcendental Meditation and the laws of nature, and its platform advocates for a government that uses natural law to solve problems. The NLP's goals include:
  • A crime-free, disease-free, pollution-free society
  • Prevention-oriented solutions that are cost-effective and conflict-free
  • Health care programs that prevent disease and illness
  • Natural agriculture practices that don't use pesticides
  • Reducing special interests in government
  • Crime-prevention programs
  • Education initiatives that help students reach their potential
  • Lowering taxes through cost-effective solutions
  • Protecting the environment through energy efficiency and nonpolluting energy sources
  • Safeguarding the food supply through sustainable, organic agriculture practices