Jun 26, 2013

How Well Do You Know Your Moon

The UC in Brazil

Note: Excuse poor the broken English and poor grammar.
This letter, "16 years of abandon and decline from 1995 to 2009", was sent out to all the Brazilian Unification Church members:
We are living a moment very estrange in our church. The cupola’s leadership (Mr. Iremar; Mr. and Mrs. Baldini; Mr. and Mrs. Cipriani) united to protect Mr. Heung Tae Kim, and simultaneously to protect they themselves (they became too rich), although they have been elder members and perfectly know where the truth and the divine justice is. It is like if the cupola had gathered together to over-defender, alleging that we are living at the true love age. Therefore, all the sins were forgiven and all of us must just love one another. Just to forge and love. This argument is valid when it is living within love and the divine truth. However when it is used to cover a sin, the argument is not valid, because at lie there is neither truth nor justice. Then, there is not true love where there is not the truth and the divine justice. The true love is born exactly from the union of true love with the truth. And if there is love, there is true, and if there is truth, there is neither lie nor injustice. 

In Brazil there is a lot of lie and injustice involving the central leadership. That is why the continental leader needs to know the truth in order not to be disrespected and deceived as well. If the love, truth and divine injustice would have acted in Brazil , certainly the providence in Brazil would not be so destructed and stagnated as it is at present day. All of us know that where there is God’s hand, there, there is development and progress. If someone says that the actual situation of the Providence of Brazil is the fruit of the presence and God’s work, this one is surely accusing God to be a failed ragged One. The tragic situation of Brazil at present day is the result of the negligence and incompetence from some leaders. Then, how can God bless Brazil if its actual leadership thinks that it can even deceive God? Beautiful and true words everybody can proffer at the Temple , or even in the prison. A dishonest liar can even sit to the table with True Parents and to make pictures, but this does not make him a perfect saint nor open to him/her the Kingdom of Heaven ’s doors. The important is not just proffering the True Parents`words, but to live them, living and sacrificing for others, and not living a rich life and centered in the personal ambitions, those that True Children have condemned all over the world. The Unification Church ’s leaders are religious missionaries are religious missionaries, and not millionaire producers. All the members have intelligence and knowledge from the Principle. And they know that the tragic situation of the Providence that Brazil is facing at present cannot be a result of the presence and work from God and Heaven. If the disasters that have been committed in Brazil are attributed to God and Heaven, then, this will be one of the worst and the most serious accusations thrown up against God and the spirit world. Here are the “victories” from Mr. Heung Tae Kim and his supporters in Brazil : 

1) Mr. Heung Tae Kim is in Brazil for 16 years in Brazil . Since he came here in 2005 and the national providence started to be abandoned and to decline. 

2) He has never interested to live in Brazil (his mission camp). He lives in Korea . 

3) He acts as a visitor. He visits Brazil four times a year (spends more than US $30,000 dollars from the Church with these international trips. Why too much travel? 

4) He does not speak Portuguese and has never interested to learn the language of Brazil (his mission camp). All the missionaries from the other religious live in the country of their missions and got to learn the native language from. 

5) Mr. Heung Tae Kim abandoned the FFWPU from Brazil. In ten states (from 27) of Brazil has not even one state leader. And their missions are almost paralyzed. Except visits, the national headquarter almost does nothing to help the development of the Church in Brazil . They do not seem any preoccupation. 

6) The 80 missions (including the 33 from the State of `Mato Grosso´) are stagnated and abandoned. 

7) Mr. Heung Tae Kim comes 3 or 4 times to Brazil , however he has just come to Brazil to take his monthly income that is about U$15,000 dollars a month. He sums everything and takes it to Korea . 

8) The Garden Project (Jardim Project) has already lost 7 farms. And any projects started by their leaders Mr. Yoon Sang Kim, Mr. Cesar Zaduski and Mr. Joao Urias de Souza (they also became too rich) made any resulted. The justice of Brazil ordered the demolishing of four buildings from the New Hope Farm (Fazenda Nova Esperança) 

9) From the ´Jardim` Project all the lands already were seized to pay fines. However that was not enough yet. The fines have already exceed the value of the lands, 

10) In order to guarantee the payment of the fines from `Jardim´ - The justice seized the house from ´Bom Pastor`, the first official residence from True Parents in Brazil . 

11) The justice seized the National Headquarter from ´Cardeal Arcoverde` Street at 928, the second official residence from True Parents in Brazil in order to guaranty the payment of the fines from Jardim`. The National Headquarter is already 66% rented, including the Sacred Temple (the national headquarter is living from the rental of the proper building). 

12) Under the present leadership the ´Jardim` Project was destructed. Mr. Heung Tae Kim was the national messiah of Brazil , and was due to his omission (in defense of his personal interests) that the ´Jardim` Project was destroyed. Mr. Heung Tae Kim and Mr. Yoon Sang Kim had a used to protected themselves mutually. Any of the two talked the truth for the True Father. When True the Father knew the truth through Reverend Peter Kim, he called Hyun Jin Nim and put him in charge to solve the problems of ´Jardim`. Hyun Jin Nim came, but his plans were sabotaged by Mr. Heung Tae Kim and his supporters. They have deceived the assessors from Hyun Jim and these indicated them to compose the Counsel from the FFUWP created by Hyun Jin Nim. Thus, they got to keep Mr. Heung Kim at the power, and to maintain them themselves, as prize, Mr. Heung Tae Kim appointed them as supreme priests and planed a tour to Athletic Soccer Team to Korea in order to please the True Parents and to strengthen before the blessed families and the Brazilian leaders that know all the truth. Naturally, they also are trying to deceive Reverend Dong Mo Shing, the new continental leader in order to keep him away /distant from Brazil , like they did with the former continental leader Rev. Cho. There was a kind of pact between the Koreans (Rev. Cho, Rev. Heung Tae Kim ant the President Yoon Sang Kim). One used to protect another omitting the failures one from another. Indeed, they have never protected the `Jardim´ Project. Mr. Heung Tae Kim did not fight for the `Jardim´ Project nor for the Providence of Brazil. Under his responsibly all the providence of Brazil stagnated and declined. And everybody can see this. 

13) Mr. Heung Tae Kim and some Brazilian leaders became too rich, but the FFUWP got poor. Since Mr. Heung Tae Kim came to Brazil , more than 10 companies bankrupted, and he has never ever opened company in Brazil . Why? That is because he has not any interested for the future and the central blessed families of Brazil . 

14) The building of 6 floors from `Galvão Bueno´ Street is registered in Mr. Kyu Tae Kim’s name, he is Reverend Hyung Tae Kim’s brother, the former Korean leader who was dismissed from his Brazilian mission for deceiving Brazil and the True Parents. 

15) The Sorocaba Athletic Soccer Team was demoted in 1994. Therefore, it is 6 years and spent about R$2.000, 00 (two millions from Brazilian money per year). In six years of degradation, it already gave a loss about R$12.000.000, (twelve millions) enough money to open at least 20 companies of medium port to give jobs and professionalized all the second generation’s youth from True Parents. Many second generation’s youth are looking for jobs from the satanic world, and consequently they are over-destroying. Mr. Heung Tae Kim and your supporters do not seem preoccupied with this tragedy else. Although this tragedy, there is such a boldness in the air, because Mr. Heung Tae Kim and the leadership that supports him (Mr. Iremar, Mr. and Mrs. Baldini, Mr. and Mrs. Cipriani, Yoon Sang Kim, Mr. Cesar Zaduski and Mr. Joao Urias, at the Garden Project) pretends to ignore the real situation of the providence in Brazil and pretends to believe that we are growing up (and they say that at the Temple and at the Internet), while the majority of the members pretend to believe what they say, although everybody knows the reality. We are like the Catholics: the priests pretend to teach and the faithful members pretend to learn. In fact, the sadness is general. We are not crowing! We are a shame for God and True Parents! We are a Church with 44 years old of history in Brazil , and we are a shame in terms of order and progress. We have the most important God’s message to delivery to the Brazilians, but our department of communication is a shameful, unworthy of the True Parents and the King of the Kings. I personally have already built the department of communication for 6 times and also for 6 times it was dismounted by the order from the presidents of each epoch. Why? Who closed down the department of communication 6 times? Was God? For all this, my sibling, if you say that the situation of the Providence of Brazil is fruit of the presence and the work of God, then, you are accusing God to be a looser, because the providence of Brazil is been used as a mine of golden for some ´smart` leaders. Even the plans of Hyun Jin Nim, beginning in April 2008, Brazil , were sabotaged by Heung Tae Kim with the support from his Brazilian supporters (married with Korean sisters). 

For the blessed families of Brazil – You are a central blessed family that must obey to the True Children, (the Fourth Adam) and to assume your responsibility for the liberations of Brazil , stagnation, decline and deceiving. You are Brazilian therefore that is your responsibility to help Brazil . Heung Jin Nim confirmed that the Brazilians are the ones who must save Brazil . Have you never read these words? 

The Providence in Brazil is stagnating and in decline. It does not have even strength to print the Divine Principle’s book. For 8 years we do not have even an exemplar of the Divine Principle in Portuguese, although we have millions of dollars saved at the accounts to the Athletic Soccer Team, a printer house and a proper publishing house. And, what about the Cheong Seong Geyon, where is it? Where are the books? They are essential for the education of Brazil , and Brazil is the third nation more important of the divine providence um this century! 

The True Parents lived centered in Brazil of 1994`s to 2000`s. There were 7 years of love and hope! What is happening in Brazil ? Do you really believe that all this tragedy in Brazil is fruit of the presence and God’s work? You may even pretend like a jester to be persecuted, but you will not be able to escape from your responsibility nor of the divine justice. “The Heavens will not wait anymore. This is the age of Celestial Law.” 

That is you, Brazilian blessed family who has the mission and the responsibility to free Brazil with the support from True Children and his assessors in the midst the Reverend Doon Moo Shing. That is why the Reverend Dong Mo Shing needs to be informed of everything that what is happening in Brazil for 16 years. Not only God; neither the True Parents nor the True Children. You must not thread the head in a cavity waiting to dispel your responsibility. You must make fulfill what you read 8 times daily at the Family Pledge: “Our family, as the owner of Cheon IL Guk, pledge…” The True Children already gave authority for the blessed families to choose his/her local leaders. And all of you already know this, don’t you? If you do not know is because the information is been concealed. Try to get to know immediately Hyun Jin Nim`s words, the International president from the FFUWP (his speeches are in the Internet). There may everybody know that at the indemnity age there was time to accumulate mistakes and sins. However, at the age of Celestial Law there will not have time to accumulate any sin anymore. Everything will have to be clean almost immediately. This is really a temerous time. May the love and light from True Parents protect to all of us. And may God protect us. 

In True Parents Name,

Mr. Leornes Ferreira da Silva

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