Sep 1, 2014

Maharishi Vedic University Ltd. v. Maharishi Foundation Limited

Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Electronic Filing System.
ESTTA Tracking number: ESTTA595454
Filing date: 03/30/2014


Applicant: Maharishi Foundation Limited
Application Serial Number: 85830435
Application Filing Date: 01/23/2013
Date of Publication 12/10/2013

60 Day Request for Extension of Time to Oppose Upon Extraordinary
Pursuant to 37 C.F.R. Section 2.102, Maharishi Vedic University Ltd., 53 Triq Marsamxett, Valletta, VLT 1853, MALTA respectfully requests that he/she/it be granted an additional 60-day extension of time to file a notice of opposition against the above-identified mark for extraordinary circumstances shown . Potential opposer believes that extraordinary circumstances are established for this request by: -
As the following shows, potential Opposer requires more time to finalize an appropriate strategy for opposing the subject trademark application in coordination with oppositions or actions against many foreign trademark applications and registrations that potential Opposer believes are being pursued in violation of potential Opposer#s rights: 1. Maharishi Foundation Limited, name of Applicant, denotes an association with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (#Maharishi#), who, over the course of more than 50 years, established numerous global and national organizations relating to manifold aspects of life, including techniques of personal and spiritual development, schools, universities and health centers, with a world- wide market of over five million people for its numerous goods and services which are protected under trademark laws in many global jurisdictions. Although Applicant may at one time have been acting in accordance with the wishes and standards of Maharishi as adopted by the mentioned numerous global and national organizations, its current action of pursuing a trademark registration on the subject trademark and pursuing, or having obtained, foreign trademark registrations on non-use bases in many jurisdictions, including the Section 44(e) designated European registration for the subject trademark, is believed to be against the wishes and standards of Maharishi#s chosen successor, Dr. Antoine Nader, and of the global leadership of the service-provider organizations founded by Maharishi and/or Dr. Nader. 2. Potential Opposer, Maharishi Vedic University Ltd., whose mission is to protect the intellectual property rights of Maharishi#s global and national organizations, needs to coordinate bringing an opposition against the subject trademark application with ongoing or potential corresponding actions in many foreign jurisdictions, including the home registration for the Section 44(e) designated European registration for the subject trademark application, which requires the collaboration of many individuals among various organizations regarding the mentioned foreign trademark registrations, and additionally requires consideration of legal issues in multiple foreign jurisdictions in addition to the United States. 3. Furthermore, the large time zone difference between the undersigned counsel in U.S. Eastern Time Zone and among representatives and attorneys of potential Opposer and related companies, several of whom are located in Europe, significantly reduces the opportunities for real-time communications and collaboration on strategy for opposition against the subject trademark application.
The time within which to file a notice of opposition is set to expire on 04/09/2014. Maharishi Vedic University Ltd. respectfully requests that the time period within which to file an opposition be extended until 06/08/2014.
Respectfully submitted, /
charles e. bruzga/
Charles E. Bruzga
11 Broadway, Suite 715
New York, NY 10004 UNITED STATES