Apr 16, 2019

RAN Policy & Practice (Paris): Optimizing Triple P (Police, Prison & Probation)

RAN (Radicalisation Awareness Network)
February 20, 2019

"Police, prison and probation services are known as the Triple-P. All three work in tandem when dealing with radicalized and terrorist offenders before, during and after imprisonment.

Coordination between police, prison and probation services is paramount. Especially today when Member States are dealing with an increasing number of offenders being released from prison after serving sentences for terrorism-related crimes.

There are also detainees imprisoned for non-terrorist offences who might become radicalized in prison and then released.

The RAN Policy and Practice event in Paris on 22 November 2018 focused on how to enhance cooperation frameworks within, between and beyond the triple-P organisations to deal effectively with radicalized and terrorist offenders."

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