Mar 25, 2012

Area man takes on Planet Aid

Richmond Daily News
David Knopf
March 25, 2012

Jerry McCarter is just one man, and one man can’t save the world.

But McCarter said he hopes to help his hometown by ridding it of Planet Aid, a non-profit organization that, for years, has been criticized as a get-rich front for Amdi Petersen, a resident of Denmark.

Planet Aid has at least a half-dozen of its yellow collection boxes in Ray County, a figure McCarter said he wants to reduce – and keep – at zero.

“Everyone donates to them and they don’t have a clue where that stuff’s going,” said McCarter, who has contacted most, if not all, the six property owners to have the boxes removed. “This is a national problem, not just in Ray County.”

McCarter said he’s aware of Planet Aid boxes at Susie’s 10-13 Diner, Four Seasons Siding, House of Hair, The Depot, Richmond Bargain Town and Continental Siding in Richmond, and The Crossroads convenience store in Orrick.

There may be others.

McCarter said that none of the property owners is aware that clothing left in the boxes is ultimately sold with the proceeds filtered through a complicated web of organizations linked – directly or indirectly – to Petersen’s TVind in Denmark.

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