Nov 5, 2013

Charting the Information Field: Cult‐Watching Groups and the Construction of Images of New Religious Movements

Eileen Barker

This chapter presents an exercise in the practical application of the sociology of knowledge, the key question being the variety of often-conflicting descriptions that are publicly available on the content and nature of new religions. Various types of perspectives about the movements are delineated with an discussion of “where they are coming from” — that is, what are the underlying interests concerning the movements that motivate the members of different categories of “cult-watching groups” — how the methodology they employ results in their selecting certain aspects of the movements' beliefs, practices, and organization (and ignoring other aspects) in the construction of their images of the movements.

From Teaching New Religious Movements, David G. BromleyPublished to Oxford Scholarship Online: September 2007

ISBN-13: 9780195177299