Aug 27, 2015

Raelian Jews make last attempt to alert Israeli Jews of lost protection

LAS VEGAS, Aug. 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- "Today, Raelian Jews are launching a large campaign aimed at informing other Jews of the decision made by Yahweh, leader of the Elohim civilization that created life on Earth, to end the protection they have provided for Israel since its creation," said Leon Mellul, Grand Rabbi of the Raelian Movement's Jewish branch.
Mellul said Yahweh's message was delivered by Mashiah Rael, spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement and representative of the Elohim civilization.
"As conveyed to Mashiah Rael, Yahweh expressed disapproval of the way Jews in Israel are behaving," Mellul said. "He specifically addressed Israeli Jews, and I quote: 'You have betrayed all the exemplary values of Judaism by stealing lands and houses that didn't belong to you and especially by not respecting my most important commandment: Thou shall not kill. You have accumulated nuclear weapons capable of killing millions of people at once and triggering a world war that could destroy all of our creation. Consequently, the protection previously granted to Israel is totally withdrawn as of today (August 6), and I ask that all real Jews leave the land of Palestine as soon as possible."
Adding that Mashiah Rael has repeatedly warned Israeli Jews of the risk they take by failing to respect the commandment of absolute nonviolence, Mellul quoted him.
"Rael has said, 'If not thousands, but just one innocent Palestinian, were to be killed by Israeli authorities, it would still be an unacceptable crime. And it would be committed by those who owe their return to the Holy Land to being the children of the Elohim.'"
"And Rael has also said: 'Being Jewish and taking best advantage of that privilege should suppose an exemplary moral rigor that makes it impossible to betray even one teaching of our creators. The people of Israel have the mission to be the world's role model in this respect. Their excellence forces them to have exceptional behavior; this has always been the message of their creators. If the Israelis were to become a people with four million Gandhis, then the whole planet would follow. This is why Israelis, more than others, must apply the commandment "Thou shall not kill" to the letter.'"
Mellul said Mashiah Rael has previously issued a warning as well:
'If even one innocent Palestinian is killed, all Jews should sincerely apologize instead of closing their eyes by pretending it's a just revenge, or pointing to their own victims of terrorist attacks as evidence that justifies all crimes to come. This endless, vicious circle of committing violence with a clear conscience is pushing humanity toward its defeat.'
"This vicious circle of violence has also pushed our creators' patience to the limit and the Jews of Israel are now on their own to survive in the land of Palestine," Mellul said. "Our heart goes out to all the righteous, loving human beings living there who are doing their best to undo the harm of Israel's militant leadership. These people need to know that Israel is no longer the holy land and that they should join our action to save humanity by leaving Palestine."
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