Sep 21, 2020

CultNEWS101 Articles: 9/21/2020

Jehovah's Witnesses, Legal, David Lynch Foundation, Transcendental Meditation, NXIVM, Rajneeshpuram

"For a period of five years, the court investigated complaints from ex-members of the Jehovah's Witnesses. They testified about how they were rejected by order of the organization and became completely isolated socially.

The Ghent prosecutor's office already sued the Jehovah's Witnesses in June, but the case was then postponed. On Tuesday, the case against the Jehovah's witnesses was reopened. The deadline for conclusion has been set and pleadings will take place on February 16, 2021. A dozen people already presented themselves as disadvantaged parties. According to the defense of the ex-members, this number will only increase.

Four charges have been placed before the non-profit religious organization. First and foremost, inciting discrimination based on religious beliefs against a person and against a group. In addition, inciting hatred or violence towards a person and towards a group."

"Plaintiffs bringing legal action against the David Lynch Foundation (the DLF), a Chicago Public Schools district, and the University of Chicago, seeking redress as a result of the so-called "Quiet Time" program to introduce TM into public schools, have amended their complaint, making it a class action lawsuit."

"Heiress to the Seagram's booze empire Clare Bronfman was so devoted to sex cult Svengali Keith Raniere she spent a fortune trying to silence critics, New York prosecutors say.

And they want the 40-year-old heirhead jailed for five years for her role.

"When I was at my most vulnerable, Clare Bronfman traumatized me," one survivor wrote in a victim impact statement.

Using an army of lawyers, daddy's millions and private eyes, Bronfman was "obsessive" to probe and intimidate anyone who spoke out against the sex cult or Raniere.

She is slated to be sentenced on Sept. 30 but prosecutors want the high-ranking cult member who was part of Raniere's inner circle to serve double the time."
A biography of the cult leader's secretary reveals how she laid the foundation for Rajneeshpuram, which is the focus of the Netflix series 'Wild Wild Country'.

"While the foundation of an empire was being laid in hushed silence, Sheela deftly distracted the locals by putting on airs of a soulful affluent widow. She walked down the sleepy town of Antelope wearing Dunhill sunglasses, a cowboy hat and Gucci boots, the only thing that was missing was a sprightly poodle held in the nook of her arm. She fluttered her luscious lashes as she leaned over the counter of a local department store, requesting for supplies.

"So, what drove you to buy this vast expanse of farmland, ma'am?" questioned an inquisitive store owner who seemed enamoured by the women in front of him.

"Well…," she said with a snooty air, "after my dear husband passed away…I wanted to put my solitary life to some good use. I have bought this ranch to conduct an ecological experiment. I have a few innovative ideas on how to utilise a dry, parched piece of land to produce agricultural laurels," she gushed and fluttered those lashes yet again, before adding belatedly, "I hope I can do it right," she sighed."

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