Jan 2, 2013

Salvation Road - 26-page teacher’s guide

“Salvation Road,” a play by Dolores Gregory, was performed at the New York University Steinhardt School of Educational Theatre on October 26 and November 4, 2012. 

Jonathan Jones, Program Administrator at Steinhardt, and Master’s student Leslee Meyers, created an informative and useful 26-page teacher’s guide for this play.

Dear Teacher:
We have been working for many weeks to prepare this resource guide for you and we hope that you find it useful when helping your students learn from our production of Salvation Road either before or after seeing the show.

At its heart, Salvation Road is a play about the internal bonds of family and the
struggle to maintain those bonds, a theme which many of your students can probably identify with, either from their own experiences or those which they have encountered in school, with friends, or in literature, film, and television. 

Ideally, their interaction with Salvation Road will expand their understanding of how theatre can convey this theme and may encourage them to experiment with a physical approach to storytelling. The activities presented here will help you to facilitate this experimentation should you feel it appropriate for your students.

Each individual activity concludes with a series of reflective discussion questions
which will help the students to process their experiences as well as allow them to demonstrate achievement towards the New York State Learning Standards for the Arts.

Please pay particular attention to the Theatre Etiquette piece on page 7 and review this information with your students before attending the performance.
We are curious to have feedback on the utility of this document and we will contact you after the performance to evaluate your use of the guide.

Thank you for bringing your students to our production and we hope that you will consider coming again in the future.

Jonathan Jones Leslee Meyers
Program Administrator Master’s Student
NYU Steinhardt NYU Steinhardt

Program in Educational Theatre Program in Educational Theatre

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