Oct 10, 2013

Patrick Ryan Profile

Patrick Ryan, a former member of Transcendental Meditation, has been a thought reform consultant since 1984. He designs and implements ICSA's Internet Web site.  Mr. Ryan is the founder and former head of TM-EX, the organization of ex-members of Transcendental Meditation.  He was the editor of AFF News, a news publication for former cult members (1995-1998), has contributed to the Cult Observer,  AFF’s book,Recovery From Cults, is co-author of "Ethical Standards for Thought Reform Consultants," and has presented 20 programs about hypnosis, trance-induction techniques,  inner experience, conversion, approaches to exit counseling, intervention assessment, religious conflict resolution and workshops for families and ex-members at ICSA workshops and conferences. In 2011 Mr. Ryan was awarded a “Lifetime Achievement Award” from ICSA.

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