Dec 20, 2014

The Zen Predator of the Upper East Side

Mark Oppenheimer
December 18, 2014
The Atlantic

Nearly 50 years ago, a penniless monk arrived in Manhattan, where he began to build an unrivaled community of followers—and a reputation for sexual abuse. The ongoing accusations against him expose a dark corner of the Buddhist tradition.

  1. I. “That was the beginning of the sangha”
  1. II. “Secretly in a relationship”
  1. III. “The Buddha probably had many lovers”
  1. IV. “I felt he would deny everything”
  1. V. “They came in search of Zen and found sex”
  1. VI. “Don’t speak in parables’
  1. VII. “I can’t say that it was consensual”
  1. VIII. “You start being a little curious”
  1. IX. “I took a vow of celibacy”
  1. X. “Unfortunately, we don’t have God”
  1. XI. “You may not see your own shadows”