Apr 19, 2015

Rationalist vows to disprove concept of blindfold reading

April 19, 2015

MANGALURU: The Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations (FIRA), which has been challenging soothsayers to predict poll results before the counting of votes by offering Rs 10 lakh, has now challenged `mid brain' activation enterprises.

FIRA president Narendra Nayak is offering Rs 5 lakh to the organization that can demonstrate a child's ability to read blindfolded. The catch is Nayak will blindfold the kid himself. He said the recent phenomenon of mid-brain activation has nothing to with formal education or prescribed by any authorities.

Certain unscrupulous individuals and enterprises have been taking gullible parents for a ride, claiming that their children can be made geniuses by a technique called mid-brain activation. He said organizations claim that by activating mid-brain, they can see blindfolded, read hundreds of pages in minutes and see objects behind walls.

As a proof, they have been showing children who can see things blindfolded.

"It is very clear that these blindfolds are not properly done and the very technique of seeing through them involves peeking through the gap between the eye and the nose. They also charge heavily for these courses in mid-brain activation," he added.

K S Madhava Rao, a neuro-psychiatrist, said that intelligence was related to cerebral part of the brain, much developed than animals, than anything to do with mid-brain.

Srinivas Bhat, a neurologist from K S Hegde Medical Academy, said that mid-brain cannot be activated to make children read blindfolded.

Nayak noted that in Mangaluru, such an enterprise commenced a few months back, promising to make children geniuses. They invite people for demonstrations and then lure them into enrolling their children to such courses which cost around Rs 25,000.

"We have challenged them to read after we blindfold them, a challenge they are unwilling to accept, because they know that they will be exposed. I had made such an offer to one such person from Bengaluru in which I had promised to get 200 children from government schools admitted to their courses. I was particular that these will be from the socially and economically backward sections of the society so that they could come on par with the more advantaged sections and proposed a donation of Rs 5 lakh for that. The date was fixed for the April 14, but no one from any mid-brain activation shops turned up. One such challenge has been accepted by a person in Kerala and the test has been scheduled for April 19 at Kozhikode," he noted.

Nayak said that the concept of blindfold reading is fraudulent and any child who can see without spectacles can be trained to do so within minutes.


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