Jan 4, 2015

Genesis II Church of Health and Healing cult leader Jim Humble denies Miracle Mineral Solution is dangerous

JANUARY 04, 2015

A CULT leader claims it is a “crime against humanity” to criticise the potentially deadly bleach he spruiks as a miracle cure.

The Genesis II Church of Health and Healing’s Miracle Mineral Solution has poisoned at least 10 Victorians, prompting calls for it to be banned amid investigations by health authorities.

But American cult leader Jim Humble defended his untested, homemade concoction because “no one died after taking MMS”.

In a vitriolic email to the Herald Sun, Mr Humble claimed the bleach “can save people’s lives and stop their suffering”.

The cult recommends MMS to treat diseases including cancer, HIV/AIDS, asthma and autism, and even suggested it could treat Ebola.

Mr Humble refused to accept­ the Herald Sun’s independent analysis of MMS — which found it was an unstable and harmful chlorous acid — and claimed it was a “crime against humanity” to stop sick people using it to heal their ­ailments.

It comes as the Immigration Department reviews whether Mr Humble is a “danger to the Australian community” and if he should be allowed to spruik the product here.

Mr Humble also tried to argue MMS — which is sold in Australia through a legal loophole as a “water purification” treatment — had “never been known to cause blood diseases or kidney failure”.

But data shows at least four Victorians were hospitalised after suffering severe gastro­intestinal issues when they took MMS.

Mr Humble was due to visit Melbourne last November but the seminar, planned for Clayton Community Centre, was shut down by Monash Council.

Mayor Geoff Lake said Mr Humble’s cult was not welcome because public health could have been affected.

“Council’s facilities should not be used to peddle hocus-pocus remedies to a group of vulnerable and unsuspecting people,” he said. “Our community halls are ... not meant to be places of exploitation, potential harm or crackpot miracle cures,” said Cr Lake.

Mr Humble refused to be interviewed and did not respond to questions.



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