Jun 11, 2021

FLASHBACK: How I Was Convicted Of Drug-Related Offences In 1996 — TB Joshua

The prophet, who is now dead, in a 2019 documentary, showed his church members how he was prosecuted for an offence he was innocent of, but survived.

June 08, 2021

Popular televangelist, Temitope Balogun Joshua, was arrested by officers of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency in 1996.

The prophet, who is now dead, in a 2019 documentary, showed his church members how he was prosecuted for an offence he was innocent of, but survived.

Before the video was displayed, Joshua said, “In the college of God, however brilliant you may be, you will not be given double promotion – you must take every course because each course serves a purpose.

“In the University of God, no matter how brilliant you may be, you will not be given a double promotion, you will take every course because each course serves a purpose.”

The video showing TB Joshua in a cell in 1996 was displayed on the screen. He was standing behind iron bars.

The narrator said, “A prophet detained in the cell for taking drugs and harbouring weapons, however, his enemies didn't notice that not even the detention in cell and false accusation could shake his faith in God. To the wise, this was a foolish thing but God used it to reveal his purpose in the life of TB Joshua giving him the necessary experience and maturity to handle the greater responsibilities God was preparing for him.

“Like Joseph in the Bible, he has known what it means to be loved, hated, rejected enslaved accused and falsely convicted, he bore everything that happened to him calmly."
On the screen, a written file was displayed as a letter from the NDLEA confirming the prophet's innocence and clearing him from charges of drug dealing after having been detained for 13 days.

The narrator continued, “Remember our enemies might rob us of liberty and confine us now but they cannot shut us out of the throne of mercy and communion with God. Falsely accused of drug dealing by the NDLEA."

The video further showed a 1966 version of TB Joshua after he left detention addressing his congregation for their love and support during his absence.

It was stated that he appeared at the church the following Sunday expressing gratitude to members for faithfulness and love, for standing by him in a hard time.
He said, “I am using this opportunity to thank you all for your unequal efforts towards my absence. God Almighty will continue to bless and be with you.

“If you say to yourself why me, of all these troubles, persecutions, tribulations, all sorts of things, I want you to now think back, why me of all the spiritual blessings in my life? When you count the blessings of God in your life doubts will fly away.

“Even if you are suffering and you lack this or that, remember the blessings of God like food, shelter and many others you are enjoying today."

Another video shows the “confession” of a man who claimed to be one of the officers who arrested him in 1996 on the accusation of drug dealing.

Yusuf Hassan, who hails from Adamawa State, said he worked with the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency when an informant tipped them off that Joshua was dealing drugs within his church premises.

Storming The Synagogue Church of All Nations in Lagos with 18 “armed” officers and six soldiers, Yusuf recounted how the cleric was arrested and subsequently incarcerated for 13 days.

“On our way to the office, we asked him that – if he was a man of God, let him disappear,” Hassan reminisced, describing how the operatives all taunted the cleric en route to prison.

“Our officers destroyed a lot of things while searching for drugs – but we couldn’t find anything. On the 13th day he was released because nothing incriminating was found on him or with him,” Yusuf continued.

However, after Joshua’s innocence was established, Hassan revealed that calamity befell all those involved in the operation.

“Among the officers that came to arrest TB Joshua, three of them are no longer alive. All 18 officers, except for myself, have been dismissed,” he revealed.

Yusuf himself said he was “on suspension” after a court case landed him in prison for 10 months.

“I want God to deliver me from the part I took in this arrest,” he concluded.


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