Sep 1, 2023

Sounds Like a Cult Podcast Hosts Part Ways After Lawsuit

Daily Beast

Decca Muldowney



August 31, 2023

The co-hosts of a popular podcast about cults and cult-like behavior have parted ways after one dropped a lawsuit against the other. Amanda Montell, the author of Cultish: The Language of Fanaticism, and her co-host, comedian Isa Medina, released a joint statement saying that the split was due to “creative differences” and that “the two wish each other the best in all their future endeavors.” Last month, Montell filed a lawsuit accusing Medina of “manipulation and abuse” and encouraging her to “get the [expletive] out,” of the partnership. “Ms. Montell has dismissed her lawsuit against Ms. Medina,” the new joint statement reads, “and no longer claims that any abuse or misconduct occurred during their partnership.”

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