Aug 27, 2014

'Pretty Little Liars' actors star in a short film about cults

Ariana Bacle
Aug 20, 2014

Troian Bellisario and Shay Mitchell frequently escape death as teenagers targeted by a could-be murderer in Pretty Little Liars, but in short film Immediately Afterlife, they accept death… and then survive anyway.

In the film, Bellisario and Mitchell play two cult members who were supposed to partake in a group suicide but end up surviving. Bellisario’s Bennett is a religious fanatic who thinks she’s done something wrong, while Mitchell’s Marissa cracks jokes and has trouble understanding why Bennett isn’t happy to be alive. All the while, they’re wearing white sheets (similar to what the lady-cultists wear in The Black Keys’ latest video for “Weight of Love,” as cults in white are evidently the trend of the summer).

Toward the end, Bennett decides they should just chug the rest of the Kool-Aid leftovers until fellow Pretty Little Liars star Ian Harding shows up to (inadvertently) break up the party. And you thought Pretty Little Liars was crazy.