Nov 3, 2018

CultNEWS101 Articles: 11/3-4/2018

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"... Most MLM salespeople don’t make a ton of money — a 2017 report by the Consumer Awareness Institute found that 99 percent of MLM sellers actually lose money. The website Magnifymoney recently polled 1,049 MLM sellers across various companies and found that most sellers make less than the equivalent of 70 cents an hour. Nearly 20 percent of those polled never made a sale, and nearly 60 percent earned less than $500 in sales over the past five years.

This is a far cry from the success stories promoted by most multilevel marketing companies. To see how accurate the survey was, I talked to seven current and former MLM sellers about their experiences. They worked for 10 companies in total, including LuLaRoe, Amway, and Mary Kay. Some made thousands of dollars a month, a few managed to break even, and some ended up losing money. Some gave up on MLMs entirely after one experience; others hopped from one company to the next."
"FRESH warnings about a former tennis coach who preaches eating only foods with good “vibrational” values and recommends “treatments” such as esoteric breast massages have been issued after a court found he was running a “socially harmful cult”."

NY Times: 
"The following events are scheduled to commemorate the fortieth anniversary of the deaths in Jonestown. 

November 7, at 6 p.m. 
In commemoration of the 40th anniversary of Jonestown, California Historical Society will present an evening public program on November 7th beginning at 6 p.m. about the complex ways Peoples Temple was interconnected and influenced by social, cultural, and political movements during its existence. Historians, thinkers, and survivors will come together to discuss how moments and movements of the 20th century, in California and beyond, effected and influenced Jim Jones, the Peoples Temple movement, and Jonestown. Speakers include Professor Russel Rickford, Professor Natalie Hopkinson, and Captain Yulanda Williams. It will be moderated by USF Professor James Lance Taylor.
The California Historical Society
678 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94105

November 18, at 11:00 a.m.: Memorial Service organized by Dr. Jynona Norwood, Cherishing the Children Foundation at Evergreen Cemetery, 6450 Camden Street, Oakland, CA 94605.

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