Nov 4, 2018

Psychic Healer Threatened To Kill Clients

Psychic Healer Threatened To Kill Clients
Conspiracy Talk
November 2, 2018

A woman advertising her services as a ‘psychic healer’ has been threatening to kill her clients and forcing them to hand over large amounts of cash. The psychic also said she would harm their families if her victims did not bow to her demands.

The fake psychic healer has been named as thirty-seven-year-old Deborah Montes from Houston. She had been advertising her services as ‘Senora Diana’ on local radio for some time. It was through one of these advertisements that Montes’ victim contacted her.

Scammed Victim Approached Fake Psychic Because Of Health Problems

The unnamed client approached Montes as he was having health problems. Montes acknowledged his issues and said that she could cure him. The first step would be for him to withdraw all his money from his bank account and into hers, so that it could be ‘cleansed’.

Next, Montes ‘forced’ her victim to go to HUBLOT – which is a luxury watch store in the Galleria – and purchase two luxury watches for her. He was also persuaded to buy her luxury shoes from Saks Fifth Avenue. In total, the conned client was forced to shell out over $40,000.

Psychic Reading Fraud Threatened To Kill Victim If He Approached Police

When the victim pushed back and threatened to head to the police, Montes warned him that she would kill him and his family. She claimed to have relatives whom were drug dealers, and a brother who worked for Immigrations and Custom Enforcement (ICE).

Since Montes’ arrest, another person has come forward and told police that they too were duped by her. They were told that $6,000 of theirs needed cleansing and when they asked for it back, they were threatened. Police expect others to tell similar stories.

Via her defence attorney, Montes claimed that all reports against her are false, and that she is the victim of a conspiracy orchestrated by her psychic rivals.

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