Feb 19, 2020

CultNEWS101 Articles: 2/17/2020

Lawrence Ray, Twin Flame Ascension School, Tesla, Swami Vivekananda, Transcendental Meditation 

"A man accused of abusing his daughter's university roommates has been arrested in the US and charged with extortion, sex trafficking and forced labour.
Prosecutors say Lawrence "Larry" Ray extorted some $1m (£771,000) from students at New York's Sarah Lawrence College, abusing them "emotionally, physically, and sexually".
The charges were prompted by a story in New York magazine, which detailed the alleged workings of Mr Ray's "cult".
Mr Ray, 60, has denied the allegations."
" ... According to New York magazine, the abuse started when Mr Ray showed up at his daughter's university in 2010, after being released from prison, where he had been serving time on charges related to a custody dispute.
He moved into his daughter's dormitory, where prosecutors say he presented himself as a father-figure and began conducting "therapy" sessions.
During the sessions, he allegedly learned intimate details about the students' private lives and mental health struggles. He alienated several of them from their parents, persuading some to move into a Manhattan apartment and convincing them that they were "broken" and needed his help.
After gaining their trust, prosecutors say Mr Ray subjected his victims to interrogation sessions in which he falsely accused them of harming him by attempting to poison him or damage his property. He allegedly demanded confessions, using tactics including sleep deprivation, sexual humiliation and physical violence."

"Lenae Burchell was all set to fly from Texas to Toronto in July 2019 to meet a couple who she credited with changing her life, and starting her down a healing path.

Since January 2019 Burchell had been a devoted member of an online spirituality school called Twin Flames Universe, led by two glassy-eyed Michigan YouTubers calling themselves Jeff and Shaleia. Burchell, a 30-year-old single mom, had bought tickets for a two-day "ascension workshop" in Canada the weekend of July 27 and 28. Marketing materials for the event promised participants would "experience heaven on Earth." For Burchell, it was supposed to be a rare opportunity to meet the Twin Flames Universe founders for the first time.

Jeff and Shaleia, who previously went by the names Ender Ayanethos and Megan Plante, have released hundreds of online videos over the last five years about relationships, finding purpose, and fringe New Age concepts. The couple, who claim to share a special spiritual connection with God and each other, charge upwards of $4,000 for access to more exclusive videos, workshops, and one-on-one "mind alignment" therapies. Their videos and accompanying social media forums cater to viewers who feel lost and alone, and who want to find acceptance and true love."


"One day, science encountered wisdom in a chance meeting between Tesla and the yogi Swami Vivekananda.

In an incredible moment of lucidity, it's just possible that in the India of the Vedas everything concerning the nature of the world and reality had already been discovered. Consequently, everything said since then is but a commentary on the wisdom contained within those sacred texts. Does this hypothesis seem extravagant?

In 1896, actress Sarah Bernhardt starred in a play called Iziel. In the words of one attendee, it was a "French reading of the life of the Buddha." Roughly speaking, the play was developed around a courtesan, Iziel, who attempted to seduce the Buddha while he meditated at the foot of the legendary fig tree where he achieved enlightenment. The Buddha took advantage of Iziel's advances to preach about the world's vanity. The play was one of the many Western expressions of interest in the doctrines of the East and specifically for the Vedanta, one of the six Hindu schools of philosophy based on the Vedas.

At least that's how Swami Vivekananda understood it. One night in February of the same year he went to see a performance of Iziel. Vivekananda was already a yogi recognized for his knowledge of the sacred texts and especially for his having been the favorite student of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, one of the 19th-century's most remarkable yogis. Ramakrishna had several mystical experiences and was considered an incarnation of the Supreme Brahman. Within this context, Vivekananda was a decisive link between his teacher and the West. Although he'd been born and trained in Calcutta, since his youth, his knowledge of Western culture was as vast as his interest in Vedantic doctrine. That combination, along with Ramakrishna's tutelage, made Vivekananda an enthusiastic promoter of Vedantic wisdom outside of India."

Talk Beliefs: Why I Left the Transcendental Meditation Movement ~ ex TM teacher PATRICK RYAN
"At age 17, Patrick Ryan joined the Transcendental Meditation ('TM') movement, following the teachings of master Maharishi. He rose through the ranks, promoting and teaching TM - which included highly-secretive courses on how to levitate and become invisible.
Patrick became disillusioned with his life in TM when he began to see inconsistencies and lies within the sect. Now he speaks out and helps others who have been inside - or who are still inside - cults."

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