Mar 6, 2020


"We are all formers who have been members of far-right organisations and know how hard it is to leave. We also know how much better our lives are now we’re out. As we rebuilt our lives and began to have children of our own, we realised how much easier leaving would have been if there’d been an organisation to help us. That’s why Nigel Bromage set up Exit UK in October 2017.

Since then we have worked with many people like you and are committed to providing first-hand, non-judgemental support and advice. We are not the police, and we aren’t aligned to any political movement. Everything you say to us will be treated in confidence and we will never judge you on what you have done, as we have been there ourselves so want you to benefit from our experience and get you the kind of support you need.

We believe being patriotic is a good thing, and while we understand your views, violence solves nothing. And being a member of certain far-right groups such as National Action, Scottish Dawn and NS131 is a criminal act that could land you a jail sentence – get in touch with us before things get that far."

Get help leaving the far right and rebuild your life.

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