Mar 2, 2020

Cult Twelve Tribes' headquarters searched for human remains

Alison Piotrowski
March 2, 2020

New South Wales Police commenced digging for bodies today on two properties as part of their ongoing investigation into the Twelve Tribes.

The cult's headquarters Peppercorn Creek Farm in Picton and another property outside of Bigga in the NSW Southern Tablelands were raided this morning.

A Current Affair understands that police are looking for human remains buried at both properties. Three grave sites have already been located at the Bigga property.

NSW Police have been investigating the high rate of stillbirths within Twelve Tribes community, as members are discouraged from seeking outside medical assistance during their pregnancies.

This latest police operation follows raids on their Picton property two weeks ago. Police are expected to continue their operation for a number of days.

In 2019, former member Rosemary Cruzado told A Current Affair that Twelve Tribes leaders buried the remains of her late term stillborn baby on the property at Bigga.

Cult Twelve Tribe's Sydney headquarters was raided by police earlier today.
Cult's Sydney headquarters raided by police
Czarnecki said when his own children were born he questioned the cult's approach to discipline.

What drove religious elder to leave controversial cult
Cruzado believes that if she had sought proper medical attention earlier in her pregnancy, her baby's death could have been avoided.

A Current Affair has been told that members would be exiled to the Bigga property if they began questioning the beliefs and practices of the Twelve Tribes.

The site has no running water or electricity.

The Twelve Tribes has communities around the world, with their Australian arm being set up back in the early 1990s.

When members join they hand over all their money and possessions and live a communal lifestyle, working for free on their farms and in their number of cafes on the outskirts of Sydney.

This is the first time an investigation into the cult has taken place in Australia.

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