Sep 9, 2021

CultNEWS101 Articles: 9/7/2021 (Chad Daybell, Legal, National Socialist Movement, Placebo Effect, Mormon Vaccine Push)

Chad Daybell, Legal, National Socialist Movement, Placebo Effect, Mormon Vaccine Push

CBS News: Chad Daybell's children reveal authorities told them their mother was asphyxiated
" ... Chad Daybell's children sat down together for their first interview with "48 Hours" contributor Jonathan Vigliotti to correct what they believe are misconceptions about their mother's death. The broadcast, "The Secrets of Chad Daybell's Backyard," airs Wednesday, September 1 at 10/9c on CBS and Paramount.

The Daybell children say when the coroner arrived that day, she told them it appeared their mother had died of natural causes. The children, who say their mother was in failing health, accepted that explanation. And they say it was they, not their father, who declined to have an autopsy performed.

"The narrative is that he was going, 'No, no, no autopsy.' But he was standing there — in complete shock, traumatized, letting us make the decision," says Chad Daybell's daughter, Emma Murray. "If he was trying to hide something, you — I wouldn't leave something like that up to my kids if I was trying to hide something."

Based on the family's wishes, no autopsy was performed. However, things changed when Chad Daybell came under the police's radar following his subsequent quick marriage to Lori Vallow and the disappearance of her children Tylee Ryan and JJ Vallow. Investigators theorized that Chad may have wanted to get Tammy out of the way to start a new life with Lori, and collect on a life insurance policy on Tammy.

In December 2019, the Fremont County Sheriff's Office began calling Tammy Daybell's death suspicious. Her body was exhumed, and an autopsy was performed. The results have not been publicly released, but Garth Daybell says authorities told him how they believe his mother died.

"They told me that she'd been asphyxiated ... but we never saw an autopsy," he said.

"Asphyxiation doesn't necessarily mean smothered," added Mark Daybell. "According to my understanding, it just means the breath was interrupted. And in the end, she wasn't able to breathe. And according to that, there's more facts we need. We don't just say, 'Oh, well, bye, Chad.' No there's still love, there's still connection."

The Daybell children say authorities have been less than forthcoming with them. "They've told us things before that turned out to not be true," said Garth Daybell.

In May 2021, investigators charged Chad Daybell with first-degree murder of Tammy Daybell. Chad is also charged, along with his new wife Lori Vallow, of murdering her two children, JJ, 7, and Tylee Ryan, 16. Vallow has not yet entered a plea and the case against her has been suspended after a finding of mental incompetence. Chad Daybell pleaded not guilty to the charges and is in jail awaiting trial.

Meanwhile, his five children remain steadfast in their belief that their father had nothing to do with the death of their mother or the murders of JJ and Tylee, feeling there has been a rush to judgement."

Forbes: Neo-Nazi Group Appears To Register With FEC
"A group calling itself the National Socialist Movement registered as a national committee party with the Federal Election Commission on Aug. 8. The NSM is a long-standing neo-Nazi group that's down to one or two dozen members, according to the Anti-Defamation League.

[In] its filing, the NSM listed its bank as BB&T. Citing client privacy, a spokesperson for BB&T's parent company, Truist, declined to confirm or deny if the NSM was an account holder. "What I can tell you is that at Truist, we reject hate and discrimination in all their ugly forms," the spokesperson said in a statement. "Our purpose to inspire and build better lives and communities motivates us to help build a stronger, more equitable company and society."

Four days after receiving the NSM's registration, the FEC informed the NSM it would need to prove it meets the criteria for national-party status. The NSM's response is due by Sept. 16."

Harvard Health: The power of the placebo effect
Treating yourself with your mind is possible, but there is more to the placebo effect  than positive thinking.

"Your mind can be a powerful healing tool when given the chance. The idea that your brain can convince your body a fake treatment is the real thing — the so-called placebo effect — and thus stimulate healing has been around for millennia. Now science has found that under the right circumstances, a placebo can be just as effective as traditional treatments.

"The placebo effect is more than positive thinking — believing a treatment or procedure will work. It's about creating a stronger connection between the brain and body and how they work together," says Professor Ted Kaptchuk of Harvard-affiliated Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, whose research focuses on the placebo effect.

Placebos won't lower your cholesterol or shrink a tumor. Instead, placebos work on symptoms modulated by the brain, like the perception of pain. "Placebos may make you feel better, but they will not cure you," says Kaptchuk. "They have been shown to be most effective for conditions like pain management, stress-related insomnia, and cancer treatment side effects like fatigue and nausea."

Does the placebo effect mean failure or success?
For years, a placebo effect was considered a sign of failure. A placebo is used in clinical trials to test the effectiveness of treatments and is most often used in drug studies. For instance, people in one group get the tested drug, while the others receive a fake drug, or placebo, that they think is the real thing. This way, the researchers can measure if the drug works by comparing how both groups react. If they both have the same reaction — improvement or not — the drug is deemed not to work."

Church leaders recently issued their strongest statement yet urging people to "limit the spread" by getting COVID-19 vaccines and wearing masks

" ... Members of the faith widely known as the Mormon church remain deeply divided on vaccines and mask-wearing despite consistent guidance from church leaders as the highly contagious delta variant of the coronavirus spreads.

About 65% of Latter-day Saints who responded to a recent survey said they were vaccine acceptors, meaning they've gotten at least one dose or plan to soon. Another 15% identified as hesitant, and 19% said they would not get the vaccine, according to the survey this summer from the Public Religion Research Institute, a polling organization based in Washington, and Interfaith Youth Core.

The survey found 79% of white Catholics and 56% of white Evangelical Protestants identified as vaccine acceptors."

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