Dec 19, 2021

Cheetah House Care Team

Cheetah House​

Cheetah House Care Team

"Members of the Cheetah House Care Team have extensive experience with meditation-related challenges. Each member has attended over 20 support groups and individual consultations with Dr. Britton and completed a 9-month training that was informed and co-developed by individuals with lived experience of meditation-related difficulties and other relevant experts. The training contained modules on meditation-related adverse effects research, trauma-informed best practices, peer support models, group facilitation and safety.

Cheetah House is a community invested in the recovery from, and reduction of, adversities resulting from meditation practices. Most of us have experienced them and know firsthand how difficult it can be to find expertise, community, or basic validation. We are working to change that!

Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission: Cheetah House exists to provide sensitive support to those experiencing meditation-related difficulties and to empower people to make informed decisions about the role of meditation in their lives and organizations.

Vision: We envision an environment where communities and professionals are equipped with the knowledge and skills to prevent and mitigate adverse meditation experiences.

Values: Informed consent: We believe that individuals and organizations need access to the full range of evidence and information in order to make their best decisions.

Trauma-sensitive conduct: We acknowledge the unique experiences of each person and strive to approach our work with empathy, curiosity, and non-assumption.

Peer-Leadership: We believe the ongoing perspectives of those we serve are irreplaceable and that individuals are authorities in making sense of their own experience.

Self-empowerment: We work to maximize the autonomy of individuals in their relationship with Cheetah House and beyond.

Freedom from systems of influence: We strive to critically assess the workings of power within meditation communities, academia, healthcare, and Cheetah House itself.

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