Dec 4, 2021

The Amma Empire

The Amma Empire

"Amma, “The Hugging Saint”, Mata Amritanandamayi or Amrita, went from a simple Indian fisherman's daughter in the late seventies to an international phenomenon worshiped by millions worldwide.

Jacques Albohair (aka Sarvatma), who belonged to the initial inner circle of disciples in the early eighties, contributed to her early reputation as her first European representative and translator until he quit more than a decade later. He provides a captivating insider testimony of his life as an early disciple and of the development of the organization from the simple “family business” to the “global empire” it has become today.

He delivers a detailed investigative analysis of the philosophy, the ethics, the communication, the practices and the reality of this sprawling organization . He reveals the corruption and deception at the heart of the Amrita-system covering a wide range of fields: economic, fiscal, charitable, educational, sanitary, land and real-estate, ethical and spiritual, in words and deeds. He demonstrates how the guru herself is at the origin of the omnipresent ambiguities and doublespeak. The author's close and intimate personal experience combined with quality testimony, documented evidence and a wealth of sources is nothing short of an eye-opener.

His critical review of the official biography , thanks to his hindsight and experience, is especially enlightening as it lays bare in simple and clear terms the reality of the person, her evolution and realizations.

As a lover of India and a believer of its ancient wisdom, he broadens the debate by clarifying common misunderstandings on some of the founding principles of Hinduism , and explores the criteria of the real spiritual master , of a healthy master-disciple relationship and the means to empower oneself when regaining one's autonomy .

His book caters as well to admirers of India, to cult critics and to devotees in search of answers. In the wake of Gail Tredwell's testimony , Amma's former personal assistant for twenty years, “Holy Hell - A Memoir of Faith, Devotion and Pure Madness” published in 2013, this is the second major critical insider testimony on Amma and her movement .

430 pages, printed and electronic versions available at , and other international sites."

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