Dec 2, 2021

CultNEWS101 Articles: 12/2/2021 (France, Clerical Celibacy, Daddy Girls, Chad Daybell )

France, Clerical Celibacy, Daddy Girls, Chad Daybell 

"The Archbishop of Paris, Michel Aupetit, has offered his resignation to Pope Francis due to his "ambiguous behaviour" with a woman, his diocese announced on Friday. Aupetit wrote to the pope this week offering to step down following an investigation by Le Point magazine earlier this month, a diocese spokeswoman said.

"He had ambiguous behaviour with a person he was very close to," the spokeswoman said, adding that it was "not a loving relationship", nor sexual.

The offer to resign was "not a confession of guilt, but a humble gesture, an offer of dialogue," she added.

Clerical Celibacy

Catholic priests are bound to celibacy under church doctrine and are meant to practice sexual abstinence.

The French church is still recovering from the publication in October of a devastating report by the Ciase, an independent commission which estimated that Catholic clergy had abused 216,000 children since 1950.

Dealing with the avalanche of revelations about sexual abuse by priests was one of the biggest challenges that Francis faced when he was elected pope in 2013."

Petty PaigeDADDY'S GIRLS: The Lesbian BBW Cult of TikTok
"So what happens when someone gets drunk with power and influence? They start a CULT.
Today we are going to talk about the lesbian #BBWCult of tiktok #DaddysGirls & even saying that out loud is insane!! Cults on #TikTok aren't the evangelical ones most people are familiar with. Instead, they are open fandoms revolving around a single creator. The biggest difference is that TikTok's cult leaders are not independently famous. They're upstart creators building a fan base on social media. The cults lift up unlikely influencers and allow members to feel complicit in their rise. This type of bond is incredibly powerful."
"... The evidence released by Chandler police in October gave insight into the non-traditional religious beliefs of Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell and those in their inner circle."

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