Nov 2, 2022

Reproductive Coercion - Policy and Practice Across Contexts and Communities – ESRC Festival of Social Science Event

Saturday November 12th 11am-1pm Eastern Time, 4-6pm UK time

Online Event – get your free ticket and Zoom link via Eventbrite:

Reproductive coercion in relationships and groups will be discussed in this interactive panel featuring a film and a panel of professionals.

The fight for reproductive rights has been in the headlines across the world, from the US Supreme Court's rulings to debates surrounding reproductive health in our local communities. Understanding how an individual experiences coercion that leads to the loss of reproductive autonomy empowers such conversations. Theological beliefs, cultural factors, and/or abusive power dynamics in interpersonal relationships can all be used as controlling mechanisms surrounding reproductive choice. Learning from the diverse experiences of those who have suffered a loss of reproductive autonomy across multiple contexts can help us understand the complexity of the issues we face and inform how we respond both individually and as a community.

This online ESRC Festival of Social Science event will feature a video presentation about reproductive coercion in the context of religious and cultural beliefs and groups. A panel of professionals and academics in the field of reproductive coercion and coercive control more broadly will discuss how responses to such coercion can be constructed from the ground up including locally. All attending are welcome to contribute to the discussion!

The event is led by Ashlen Hilliard, from People Leave Cults LLC, along with Dr Linda Dubrow-Marshall and Dr Rod Dubrow-Marshall, Co-Programme Leaders, MSc Psychology of Coercive Control, University of Salford.

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