Nov 4, 2022

Stolen w/ Elizabeth Gilpin

IndoctriNation Podcast: Stolen w/ Elizabeth Gilpin 
"Elizabeth Gilpin is an actress, activist, writer, and producer who also serves as an ambassador for Represent Justice, an organization using the power of the media to demand real change in the justice system. Her first memoir, Stolen, is a gripping chronicle of psychological manipulation and abuse at a “therapeutic” boarding school for troubled teens and illustrates how one young woman fought to heal in the aftermath. Gilpin is passionate about raising awareness and encouraging the narratives of survivors through storytelling.

In this emotional and insightful conversation, Elizabeth reveals to Rachel the shocking negligence and dangerous techniques of the abusive boarding school she attended as a teen. Rachel helps Elizabeth unpack the emotional turmoil she lived through, relating her experiences and healing journey to that of a cult survivor."

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