Apr 12, 2023

LaRouche Planet

"By former members of his destructive cult."

Domain name: laroucheplanet.info

So who are we?

"After the tragic deaths of Jeremiah Duggan and Ken Kronberg, we hope this website will give those who are intrigued, puzzled, distressed or harmed by LaRouche and his destructive political cult, a better “picture” of what is often dismissed as weird, creepy or insane.

This website about the “LaRouche phenomenon” is special because it is written by those who knew him best: the former members of his cult Organization who have not deserted their moral integrity.

They have spent decades of their lives working with and for him. They knew him personally and helped build his destructive cult.

It is therefore an insider view on that Bizarro Planet of Lyndon Hermyle LaRouche Junior… a kind of (ideological) colonoscopy… to expose his destructive cult for what it is: a political, intellectual deception and a criminal fraud.

As for those who “know” but won’t speak out, here is our message."

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