Feb 24, 2024

She left polygamy and now wants to help others with her story


Nicea DeGering

February 20, 2024

  • Getting a second chance at life with a brighter future for those who have left a polygamous background. Tonia Tewell, the Executive Director of Holding Out Help and former client Hannah Stauber sat down with us this morning to talk about the importance of fundraising for the cause.

o        Holding Out Help helps those who have left polygamy find the resources that they need to become independent and self-sufficient. But Tewell says what is unique about the charity is that they have three different properties so those who’ve left polygamy can stay as long as they want and get back on their feet. Holding Out Help is growing quickly, they now have ten employees and served three hundred and forty people just last year.

o        Hannah is one of them. She was just 14 years old when she married a 43 year old man in her polygamous community. She was his seventh wife. “For twenty years I felt like my sole purpose with him was a physical, intimacy relationship and I was trading my soul for love.” She says leaving was difficult, but Holding Out Help has been a lifesaver. She is now a Family Nurse Practitioner and helps others connect to the truth in their relationships.

o        Holding Out Help is having a fundraiser to help others like Hannah on March 15th. It’s called Securing Their Future and if you would like to find out more please visit: www.holdingouthelp.org


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