Feb 4, 2024

Two Australian Pastors Clarify Links to Shakahola Massacre


Ezra Nyakundi

3 February 2024

Pastor Dave Mckay of Jesus Christians religious outfit also known as 'a Voice in the Desert' and his wife Sherry Mackay have denied having links to the Shakahola massacre that claimed the lives of over 420 people in Kilifi County.

In a statement seen by KDRTV, the Australian couple called on the media to stop publishing reports linking them to the tragedy.

"Media outlets and officials seem to not be investigating the issues objectively and are instead targeting the Jesus Christians and falsely accusing them so as to sensationalize news regarding the Shakahola Massacre.

"My wife and I have already sent an open letter to Kenya media and to as many Kenyan senate email addresses as possible (though it seems most of the Kenya government addresses are not working) to clarify issues pertaining to the Jesus Christians in relation to Paul Mackenzie and the Shakahola Massacre," read the statement in part.

Mckay noted that he and his wife have never had any contact with controversial pastor Paul Mackenzie who is the suspected mastermind behind the massacre.

However, the Australian preacher mentioned that a member of the Jesus Christians preached at Paul Mackenzie's church in May 2019.

"That member did not have any further contact with Paul Mackenzie and none of the Jesus Christians knew that Paul Mackenzie had moved to the Shakahola Forest nor anything in relation to what they were doing there," he stated.

Mckay went to [on] clarify that the associate who preached at Mackenzie's church never told the congregation to follow Mackenzie nor to fast as reported in some outlets.

He further denied claims that the Jesus Christians is involved in organ trafficking, saying they only receive altruistic kidney donations which are done voluntarily and for free.

"The Jesus Christians have been involved in ALTRUISTIC kidney donations, done voluntarily and for FREE to people who were in need, which is also proven by the fact that such operations were done openly on many occasions with reputable media sites reporting on the altruistic donations. There is absolutely no evidence the Jesus Christians have ever been involved in organ trafficking, and such slanderous accusations are extremely harmful," the Australian preacher added.

The Senate Ad-hoc committee investigating the proliferation of religious organizations and circumstances leading to deaths in Shakahola in 2023 recommended the DCI and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to jointly investigate with a view to expel the foreigners advancing doctrines or activities of the Jesus Christians group.

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