Jul 15, 2017

“Being Gay Is Not OK” – How a Cult Indoctrinates Kids Against LGBT People

David G. McAfee
July 7, 2017

You’ve probably seen them picketing gay pride events and yelling at students on college campuses, but do you ever wonder where anti-gay crusaders come from? They don’t just pop into existence. In many cases, they were indoctrinated with those beliefs since childhood.

One cult, known as The Way International, has been giving young kids propaganda demonizing the LGBT community since at least 1993. One reader, only identified here as “T.,” told me about her experiences growing up within that group.

She said being homosexual was “absolutely not allowed.”

“It literally angered people to talk about,” T. told me in a personal message.

T., who is now an atheist, recently found a children’s book about homosexuality that was given to her years ago by the church. She shared it with me, and I feel it gives powerful example of anti-LGBT propaganda within the Christian community. Here it is:

This is the cover of the Christian magazine for children.

Well, we’re off to a crazy start. We are informed right off the bat that “gay is NOT ok” and that it is somehow for the benefit of the children. It’s one step below “The sky is falling!”

“Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!” … seriously?

This panel is interesting because of the tired rhetoric (“Adam and Even, not Adam and Steve!”), but also because of its depiction of what I assume is supposed to be a gay man. He obviously has to have a pink “Gay Power” shirt on.

He’s saved!

Here we see one of the previously gay men, the one without the “Gay Power” shirt, has been saved and is getting married to a woman. Jesus wins! Right?

Statistically, not so much. Most people who previously preferred gay sex can’t completely turn that off, no matter how much “conversion therapy” is forced on them. Odds are this guy will get divorced from his beloved bride and go back to his boyfriend.

The man should be the head of his wife? Wow.

On this last page, we add sexism into the anti-gay equation. Now, women are supposed to be subservient to men (which is why same-sex relationships are frowned upon, apparently). This section also claims being gay is something people choose “in their mind,” which makes me wonder if the authors of this “book” wake up every morning and choose to be straight. I know I don’t.

In any case, this is how on cult (The Way) has indoctrinated children against gay people. It is best to know what our opposition is doing so that we know how to counter it.

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David G. McAfee

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