Jan 4, 2021

A Loving Provision'? How Former Jehovah's Witnesses Experience Shunning Practices

Julia Gutgsell
December 21, 2020


This presentation offers a general introduction into the field of ostracism and presents a high-level overview of the research findings presented in Julia's MSc dissertation. The presentation concludes by offering some fresh thinking on future directions to grow our understanding of ostracism and its impact.

Julia Gutgsell (BSc, MSc) is a criminologist based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Her dissertation on ostracism in high control groups and relationships was awarded the Jeanine Seghers prize. She recently co-authored 'A semantic and discursive analysis of Watchtower May 2019' which was given as evidence to IICSA's (Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse) investigation, 'Child protection in religious organisations and settings'.

She aims to contribute to criminological perspectives by examining, challenging and discovering new areas for research on crime, social harm and the boundaries between victim-perpetrators.

Contact details:

Email: Julia.gutgsell@gmail.com
To access the dissertation and paper: https://vub.academia.edu/JuliaGutgsell

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