Jan 16, 2021

Epoch Times, one of Trump's favorite 'news' sources, is linked to Shen Yun

Katie Dowd
SF Gate
January 4, 2021

"If the ubiquity of Shen Yun advertising has dulled somewhat during the global pandemic, perhaps you’ve noticed something else taking its place.

You might have endlessly seen their ads on YouTube. Or maybe you even saw President Donald Trump himself promoting it. Although not yet as ever-present as a Shen Yun billboard, the Epoch Times is steadily expanding its footprint — along the way becoming one of Trump’s preferred "news" outlets.

The website looks like your standard news source, but a note at the top of the screen is your first indicator this is not a CNN wannabe.

"At a time when legacy media outlets are IGNORING credible allegations of ELECTION FRAUD across America, we are giving you, your family and your friends, unlimited access to almost all of our reporting for free so that you can be truly informed, until a president is legally elected," it reads, before a solicitation to enter your email address to “continue reading.”

The Epoch Times is now one of the most prolific peddlers of pro-Trump propaganda on the internet, but it began life as the media arm linked to Falun Gong, the same Chinese spiritual movement that puts on Shen Yun dance performances."

Continue Reading: https://www.sfgate.com/politics/article/what-is-Epoch-Times-Falun-Gong-15839640.php   

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