Jan 16, 2021

Healing From Hate: Battle for the Soul of America

HEALING FROM HATE examines the root causes of hate group activity through the bold work of those battling intolerance on the front lines, including Life After Hate, an organization founded by former Skinheads and neo-Nazis, now engaged in transforming attitudes of intolerance. Documenting a stunning era of hatred in America, HEALING FROM HATE follows these reformers in their work to de-radicalize White Nationalists, and heal communities torn apart by racism.

Established by a group of former neo-Nazis and Skinheads, Life After Hate was initially envisioned as a support network for those attempting to transition back into the mainstream. But with hate on the rise, the group began to focus on community engagement and direct interventions as well. These compelling “formers”, all with deeply moving stories of their own, carry a uniquely personal understanding of the roots of hate – and an equally unique approach to working with active “movement” members that’s grounded in empathy and compassion.

Having been provided with exclusive access, HEALING FROM HATE follows these counselor/activists in their crusade against violence and intolerance – through community & family engagement, as well as direct “intervention” with radicalized youth – experiencing the conflict of their struggles firsthand.

In support of these powerful personal stories, groundbreaking sociologist Michael Kimmel (“Guyville”, “Angry White Men” & “Healing From Hate”), offers up a parallel narrative through-line – helping the viewer to understand the psychological process of white radicalization, the crucial role of deep-seated needs around masculinity, and insight gleaned from his extensive research with “EXIT” groups around the world – work that had its genesis in Europe, and forms the basis of his recent bestselling book “Healing From Hate”.

Hate is part of a profound change in the crumbling American Dream, and with the arrival of the era of Donald Trump - as well as the tragedies of Charlottesville, Parkland, Pittsburgh and El Paso - the stakes have only intensified. In these times when civil discourse has perished, HEALING FROM HATE seeks to shine a light on the roots of hatred, and courageous work of those who have made their way back from violent extremism – with an eye trained on what’s needed to return meaning, identity and tolerance to a generation of disenfranchised white men.

“We are operating as human beings from one of two places: fear of love. And we get to choose which one that is.” — Tony McAleer, Life After Hate


"Documenting a stunning era of hatred in America, Healing From Hate follows Life After Hate – an organization founded by ex-hate group members - in their work to de-radicalize White Nationalists and heal communities torn apart by racism."

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