Jun 26, 2022

New Webinar Series!!!

We're kicking off an exciting new Webinar Series!!!

Join Rachel on Zoom, Sunday, July 17th at 3:00 PM PST to hear about her new 3-part series. 

Rachel Bernstein, Educator, Therapist, Cult Specialist and Host of the IndoctriNation Podcast, will be announcing two 3-part live webinars.   

Each session in the series will be one-hour long:  

*45 minute presentation
*15 minutes for Q&A.  

The 1st 3-part webinar series will provide techniques for support, recovery, and healing for people who were in cults, or manipulative relationships.  

The 2nd 3-part webinar series will be for the families and friends of those who have loved ones affected by cults and manipulative relationships who want to know what to do and how to help, and who need support for themselves, as well.  

Meeting ID: 367 806 3940 

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