Jun 10, 2022

ICSA Annual Conference - Virtual

ICSA Annual Conference - Virtual
ICSA Annual Conference - Virtual
June 24-26, 2022, 11:00 am - 5:00 pm EST

70 Speakers, 60+ Talks/sessions, 5 Workshops, 4 Tracks

Talks are available on the Whova platform for 30-days after the conference - you may also continue to interact with speakers and attendees.

  • Registration: $125

  • Student Registration:  $50

  • Scholarships are available.

Sample of conference sessions:

  • Cultic Gaslighting (William Goldberg)

  • Coercive Control and Sexual Exploitation (Carrie McManus, Andrea Silverstone, Linda Dubrow-Marshall, Rod Dubrow-Marshall)

  • Drugs as a Tool for Coercive Control (Robin Boyle)

  • Visioning the Invisible: The Traumatized Bodies of Racialized Cult Members and Survivors (Evvie Ormon)

  • What do SGAs Want to Cover in Counseling? (Cyndi Matthews)

  • Synergy Between Cults and Terror Groups (Darin Challacombe)

  • Cults and Media Stereotypes: Does Media Coverage of Current and Former Cult Members Hinder Victims’ Recovery? (Dhyana Levey)

  • Discussion Group for Former Members Who Were Parents in the Cult (Lorna Goldberg, Doni Whitsett)

  • Catholic Cults in our Midst? Catholic orders and movements accused of being cult-like (J. Paul Lennon)

  • Legal Aspects of Harm and Victimization in Cultic Groups (Linda Demaine)

  • The Evolution of Cult Intervention (Patrick Ryan, Joseph Kelly, Doni Whitsett, Rachel Bernstein)

  • Award ceremonies

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