Jul 10, 2022

COMMUNITY: Living in a Christian Cult and Dying to Get Out

"A young man is pulled from his life as a healthy, happy, fun-loving teenager and thrown into the world of Charismatic Christianity. The move is only the first step toward total isolation. The community starts their own school using it to indoctrinate the young students, their school in the daytime and other activities at night, all but cutting off contact with the outside world. The cult makes up teachings and holds the kids to them. They create "commitments, including no dating or rock music and in a weekend ceremony, force the kids to agree to them.

Just as there seems to be no hope, there is an epic battle with the Catholic Church which pits "brother" against "brother"

Written by a 2nd Gen member of the People of Hope, and it's available on Amazon as a Kindle download.

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