Jul 12, 2022

Lev Tahor cult breaks apart

Lev Tahor
The Jewish Voice
July 11, 2022

(A7) The extremist Lev Tahor cult has essentially broken apart, three members of Lev Tahor told Kikar Hashabbat.

Recently, the members and families of Lev Tahor have spread across a number of countries worldwide: In Guatemala, there are still a number of families who as a group are desperately trying to rebuild their cult. Another group is living in another country; the rest are spread around the world.

Some members of the cult have returned to Israel and been seen in the streets of Jerusalem. Others have been spotted in London, buying food for Shabbat (the Sabbath), Kikar Hashabbat added.

The site was also told that the crisis which led to the cult’s destruction was the arrest and charges against their leaders in the US a few months ago.

Meanwhile, there are a number of sources in Lev Tahor which are trying to rehabilitate the cult at any price, as well as to stop members from moving to Israel.


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