Dec 13, 2023

Varieties of Ego Dissolution

Varieties of Ego Dissolution
New Online Course

Cheetah House: Varieties of Ego Dissolution

A research overview of the types of self-boundary dissolution and their impacts in the context of mystical experiences, non-dual experiences, ego-dissolution, and forms of self-related psychopathologies.

Nicholas Canby, Ph.D.

Dr. Canby holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology and specializes in the assessment of self-boundary phenomenology across various contexts, including meditation, psychedelics, and psychopathology.

Course content:

  • Dr. Canby distills his extensive research into a 45 minute presentation that offers guidance for those new to the topic as well as ample new findings for the specialist.

  • An up-to-date evaluation of the research on mystical experience
  • How different aspects of ego-dissolution are related to positive and negative mental health outcomes

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