Dec 9, 2015

Prophet Sells ‘Anointed’ Holy Dolls of His Image Which Give Congregants Super Cash

The Southern Daily
December 9, 2015

Zimbabwe's fugitive preacher and prosperity prophet, Uebert Angel has caused a stir after his church began selling anointed dolls of the prophet's image which are meant to produce miracle cash if worshiped and prayed to.

In what is said to be synonymous with the condom supplies by colleague, 'prophet' Paul Sanyangore, Angel's dolls are said to bring power and business luck.

"You keep it in your house, talk to it, and all your prayers will be granted," a congregant told Zimbabwean online news website,

The doll is a replica of Angel's body form and includes his flashing red shoes at the feet.

The 37-year-old preacher calls himself Spiritual Father to men and women twice his age.

He is also fingered for sexually pleasuring himself on several young women from within his congregation.

Several contributors on Zim Eye's newsroom voiced saying Angel's conduct brings curses to the nation. "How can the heavens give us rain in all this abuse?," wrote one.

"There are better ways of fundraising, which he can venture into rather than selling these anointed dolls," added another contributor.

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