Dec 9, 2015

Quebec Baptist minister alleged to have confined, beaten 5 boys

CBC News
December 09, 2015

A Baptist pastor from the town of Shannon near Quebec City is facing 12 charges of assault causing bodily harm in connection with the alleged confinement and beating of five young boys in his basement between 1983 and 2014.

Claude Guillot, 65, was arrested Wednesday morning and was due to appear in court Wednesday afternoon to be formally charged.

Court documents allege one boy was forced to stand for 41 days facing a wall, with limited access to water.

Another alleged victim is said to have been punched regularly in the face and abdomen as part of "discipline" practices.

The oldest accusations date back to 1983 and concern incidents alleged to have taken place in Victoriaville, concerning a five-year-old boy.

All of the alleged victims were entrusted to Guillot by the children's parents, who attended the evangelical church of Quebec-East.

Quebec's association of evangelical Baptist churches distanced itself from the allegations facing Guillot when they were first reported earlier this year.

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