Dec 16, 2015

Former RCMP officer in abuse case wanted exorcism on son

Joanne Schnurr
CTV Ottawa
December 16, 2015

The trial involving a former Ottawa RCMP officer resumed this week. The officer is charged in a horrific child abuse case. An Ottawa courtroom heard that the man had wanted to perform an exorcism on his son.

The man's brother -- a priest -- testified that he refused repeated requests to do an exorcism on the 11-year-old, saying instead that he just prayed.

“You didn’t believe that a child would be possessed by evil spirits?” asked one of the lawyers.

“No,” he responded.

A 44-year-old former RCMP officer and his 36 year-old wife are on trial for confining the boy and failing to provide the necessities of life. The father is also charged with aggravated sexual assault. The boy, who is now 13, managed to escape from his Ottawa home in February of 2013. He testified in September that he had been starved and chained in the family’s basement. The boy weighed only 50 pounds when he escaped.

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