Jun 5, 2017

History of CultNEWS101.com

Cult News 101
We began archiving hardcopy cult-related articles in the early eighties; in the mid-eighties we started our electronic archive (now 50K+ articles) and email news distribution.

The news distribution has taken different forms over the past thirty years including: a joint effort with Carol Giambalvo, two ex-member newsletters (AFF News Briefs, TM-EX News), via the web by building ICSA's (AFF) online resources, in publication of ICSA Today's (Joseph Kelly, past news editor), and in public meetings via ICSA's monthly meetings.

For the past few years we have focused on providing email resources to cult awareness and education organizations such as ICSA, InfoCult and Inform.

Recently we began offering our daily service to former members, families, educators, students, the media and others.

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Selection of articles for CultNEWS101 does not mean that Patrick Ryan or Joseph Kelly agree with the content. We provide information from many points of view in order to promote dialogue.

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