Jun 26, 2017

Inside the Sprawling Compound That Polygamist Leader Warren Jeffs and His 79 Wives Called Home

June 23, 2017
Inside Edition


It may look like a motel off the beaten path, but a property in a remote area of Utah was actually the home of notorious polygamist Warren Jeffs.

Inside Edition was granted a tour of the colossal compound where Jeffs and his 79 so-called "sister wives" lived. The building has long featureless corridors and a series of rooms.

The tour was conducted by Brielle Decker, who was wife No. 65.

The 31-year-old told Inside Edition that she was forced to marry Jeffs when she was only 18.

"Coming back here is actually healing," she admitted.

The rambling compound is located in Hilldale, Utah, the headquarters of the radical polygamist sect run by Jeffs until his arrest in 2006.

Today, the town is nothing like what it once was as very few residents are left. Those who remain keep mainly to themselves in buildings surrounded by high walls and locked gates.

Jeffs' compound, the largest in the community, is 28,000 square feet with 42 bedrooms, two massive kitchens and a gym.

Behind the walls of a storage room is a secret chamber where sensitive documents related to the church were kept in a safe.

"The whole day is scheduled," Decker said. "If you were late, you got punished." She added that everything was done in groups.

The wives were required to pray every hour, getting down on their hands and knees and holding hands. Talking was not permitted.

Jeffs lived in room No. 207. It was up to him to decide which of his 79 wives would spend the night with him. Right next door to Jeffs’ room was Decker’s.

Decker said that Jeffs had "one favorite wife," which made the other "sister wives" extremely jealous.

On the chimney it says “Pray” and “Obey.” The wives would see the message every day, Decker said.

She is now trying to buy the compound and hopes to turn it into a tourist attraction, as well as a sanctuary for other former members of his church.

“We call it the ‘Freedom Chateau’ now,” she said.

Warren Jeffs is currently serving life plus 20 years in prison for sexually assaulting two teenage girls.


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