Oct 31, 2017

The Alleged Melanation Cult That Caused a Really Big Stink in Costa Rica

Wendy Anders
The Costa Rica Star
October 31, 2017
In a video recently uploaded to Facebook, cult leader, Eligio “Nature Boy” Bishop, who has garnered a following of over 42,000 people on Facebook, claims his group of mostly black followers were racially discriminated against by Spirit Airlines who refused to deport the five U.S. citizens last Thursday, October 26, due to their body odor.

According to Bishop, things got really real for the cult known as Melanation, when due to the pungent odors allegedly emitted by their bodies, the group was forced to deplane right before take-off on a flight bound for Miami, Florida, despite the fact they were being deported.

Costa Rican immigration authorities confirmed that 11 individuals belong to Eligio Bishop’s cult were questioned by taxation authorities on October 14 in Cahuita, Limón on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast.

When the Melanation group members got a bit rowdy and upset by the questioning, the Costa Rican officials called in the local Cahuita police as well as immigration police. Police then discovered that five had overstayed their visas, and were thus taken to the holding center for foreigners in irregular condition in Hatillo, a southern district of San José (Centro de Aprehensión Temporal para Extranjeros en Condición Irregular – CATECI).

The six other members, among whom was Toronto, Canadian resident, Alex Raposo, were not detained, as their tourist visas were valid. Raposo was interviewed by Canada’s CBC and said they ran into trouble with the police when the car they were using was found to have expired paperwork and license plates.

In the video below, the cult leader can be heard declaring Spirit Airline’s actions as racist based on the fact that none of the black cult members, who who had been living out in the jungle for the last few months, had eaten anything smelly recently.

According to Bishop’s Facebook page, five of the allegedly smelly cult members were finally able to fly out of Costa Rica Friday, October 27. They were transported on American Airlines, said Costa Rican immigration authorities.

Shortly after arriving Florida, they announced on their Facebook page they would be setting up shop in Jamaica, where they hoped to find a more receptive environment in which to practice their beliefs.

In March, Canadian woman, Kayla Reid, who had joined Melanation Costa Rica caused a stir in her small hometown after she was declared missing by her family. Due to intense media pressure and phone calls from her family, the young woman returned home voluntarily.

A post from October 30 on Eligio Bishop’s Facebook page exhorts people to wash their hair, “with pure water only, no shampoo needed … all you need … is proper sunlight living closer to the equator … and fresh mountain river water from the tropics.”

Maybe Spirit did have a basis for their claims, after all?!


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