Oct 9, 2018

The Brotherhood (as shown on: Compass, ABC TV)

The Brotherhood (as shown on: Compass, ABC TV) from The Swell Creative on Vimeo.

The Universal Brotherhood was Australia's most celebrated alternative community. Born in the 1970s, it flourished in lush farmland, three hours south of Perth. Hundreds of young idealists, including rock star Matt Taylor, gave up everything to follow their very own New Age guru, but what came of their dreams has haunted them ever since. 30 years later ex-members are hosting a reunion. They want to confront the sect's surviving leader. The scene is set for a dramatic showdown. Drawing on never-before-seen 16mm footage of the Brotherhood's golden days, this powerful program explores the life and legacy of a uniquely Australian cult.

Story producer: Laurie Critchley

Story researcher: Geraldine McKenna, Wendy Boynton

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