Oct 26, 2018

CultNEWS101 Articles: 10/26/2018

Mario Pianesi, Macrobiotics, Italy, Legal, Rajneesh, Documentary, Scientology, Universal Medicine, Australia

"Italian police have opened a new investigation into Mario Pianesi, an influential businessman celebrated as a guru of macrobiotic food, over allegations he may have killed his first wife by putting her on an extreme form of his “Ma-Pi” diet."

"Gabriella Monti died in 2001, two months after being diagnosed with acute hepatitis caused by aflatoxins, a fungal poison sometimes found in grain or nuts. Monti had had a stroke in 1997, after which she was cared for at home by her husband."

"Pianesi had built up a following of thousands of customers who believed his cereals-based diet could cure serious illnesses. Police claim the diet may have exacerbated Monti’s already fragile state, leading to her death."

Psychology Today: The Power of a Cult
"There is an unceasing crescendo of suspense as we view this Netflix documentary about the cult that moved from India to central Oregon in 1981, led by the white-bearded Shree Rajneesh Bhagwan, with his piercing, unblinking eyes, a guru in rapture who is fervently out to change the consciousness of the world. He had fled India, where his cult had multiplied, when he faced millions of dollars in back taxes and no clear path to the vast, transformative change he meant to achieve. His ashram’s growth had stalled, and, besides, the really rich people were in the West."

"The Church of Scientology began operations [October 15th] at its new downtown Detroit location."

"Church staff arrived [October 15th] morning to its newest center in Metro Detroit, located on Jefferson at Griswold in the former Standard Savings Building."

"Their arrival comes a day after the church held a private grand opening and dedication ceremony at the 55,000-square-foot building. Church officials said more than 2,000 parishioners attended Sunday's event."

"On [October 15th], church members and staff dressed in business attire entered the building through a brightly-lit lobby with marble floors and brass fixtures."

"Former Sydney tennis coach turned self-styled spiritual healer Serge Benhayon has suffered a spectacular loss in his Supreme Court defamation case against a former client, after a four-person jury found it was true to say he led a "socially harmful cult", "intentionally indecently touched" clients and made "bogus healing claims"."

"Serge Benhayon, 54, sued acupuncturist and former client Esther Rockett for defamation over a series of blog posts and tweets starting in November 2014, which he says portrayed him as "dishonest", a "charlatan who makes fraudulent medical claims", and the leader of a "socially harmful cult"."

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