Aug 11, 2020

Following My Heart out of a Twin Flame Cult

Following My Heart out of a Twin Flame Cult
Jessi Hersey
July 12, 2020

"It began with a Tantrum, with only those close to the twin flame cult leader. He wrote in all capital letters “ IF YOU CANT SELL THE LOVE TO THE PEOPLE, I WILL JUST TAKE MY BODY OF WORK ELSEWHERE.” This was a normal protocol. A fear-based threat to take away the work. We were told to mirror the fear. If we felt fear, which is the illusion, just mirror it and in its place will be peace. Although, eventually, I became completely mind manipulated and numbed to the never-ending threats. This left freedom, for the leaders of the twin flame cult, to transfer shame and guilt; mistreat and abuse those who followed their teaching.

Who the cult leaders believe themselves to be

So, out of fear, everyone did as we were told. In his Twin Flame school video’s, he explains how he is the second coming of Christ. His soul family consists of Jesus, Shakespeare, Rumi, Paramhansa Yogananda, Moses and so many more famous figures in history. He describes in his brainwashing, mind-manipulating video’s, how the mirror exercise is life-changing and can heal all illnesses and sorrow. I believed him at the time because I was at my lowest point in life. This is what made me vulnerable to the lies. We were encouraged to watch the video’s daily. Soon, the lies became obvious. There was no follow-through with promises and the followers, such as myself, were always cleaning up his and his wife’s messes. Followers started to leave this cult. The leader would chastise these people and make cup lies about the individuals. Recently, he started making clickbait titles on Youtube to convince the public they are not a cult."

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